Welcome To C. Lake Organics
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Welcome to C. Lake Organics. This is a brand new undertaking, and the beginning of any new adventure is always exciting. It is said to never shy away from the unknown, as it may be the path we were meant to be on all along.

C. Lake Organics is an all natural skincare line full of lovely goodness. I started making these lotions and oils because I wanted a clean, wholesome product to use for myself and in my professional life as a makeup artist. Here at C.Lake Organics we believe that your skin care labels should read like any simple cooking recipe. You wouldn’t knowingly eat toxic chemicals, so why do you put toxins all over our largest organ?

Our motto is: Keep it clean, keep it all natural. Mother Nature has provided us with everything we need to live a healthy, long, and beautiful life. At C. Lake Organics we will always provide you with natural, good-for-you products to keep you and your loved ones’ skin radiant and healthy.

This is my offering to the world. Thank you for joining us at the beginning of a brand new journey!